2019 Annual Show Guide and Entry Form

Our 78th Annual show is coming soon on Saturday, September 14th.

It takes place at the LARGE HALL, ST PAUL’S CENTRE

Refreshments will be served until 3:45pm.
Programme/Entry Forms are included with the hand delivered newsletter, or are available in the Trading Hut, and can also be accessed on line, links as follows:

Programme, Schedule and Regulations: http://gphs.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2019showguide.pdf

Entry form: http://gphs.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2019-SHOW-ENTRY-FORM-TEMPLATE.pdf

New for this year is Vegetable cake in the cookery class and this can be courgette, carrot or beetroot cake to own recipe Please note also that marrows have been replaced by butternut squash. All other last changes from last year remain.

Important Notice:
When parking in St Paul’s car park you will have to validate your car registration inside the building.  You will have 15 mins to do this on the pad outside the gents W.C. You will have to do this every time you enter the car park.

Awards will be presented at approximately 4pm followed by an auction of produce in aid of Society funds.

All changes are shown in the regulations. Please note that the new categories from last year are there again: French Beans, Capsicums, other varieties of Jam, i.e. Vegetable jam, and Pickle.

Anyone who wants to enter in the novice classes for first-timers can get advice from the Secretary. Also, don’t forget the categories for juniors under 14. Children and grand-children are encouraged to enter.

We thank these local businesses for their continuing support:

Woodcroft Wildspace Visit

24 members enjoyed a very informative guided walk through Woodcroft Wildspace on 3rd July.

Starting at the new entrance walk, and on to Contemplation Corner and continuing through woodland to see the eco-gym and through to the orchard where there are over 80 apple trees including heritage varieties.

The workings of the water storage and watering system were explained and there was a break at the three ponds before going into the Sensory Garden. A relaxing  finish with tea and scones followed.

Sweet Pea and Rose Show Results 2019

A big thank you to the members who contributed 29 combined entries to the Sweet Pea and Rose Show, with 29 rose entries and 46 sweet pea entries.  Despite terrible weather conditions, the sweet pea blooms were spectacular and the rose blooms almost as good.

The accompanying Buffet lunch was enjoyed by 65 people before  Deputy Mayor, Cllr Sabri  Ozaydin officiated at the Awards Ceremony.

Ron Brand won the highest points for roses and the best in show and received a cup and Maria Williams got 2nd highest points with Arun Rishi 3rd highest.

Sheila Puckett won the highest points for sweet peas and the best in show and received the new Frank Mercer Cup

Elaine won second highest points and Alan Grierson 3rd highest points.

Art Display

Maria Williams was the Art Critics favourite entry and Eve Patten won the public choice.