2023 Flower & Art Show Pictures & Results

This year’s Summer Flower Show as a great success, all the exhibitors are to be congratulated on their efforts despite the inclement weather, regretfully no peonies this year.
A big thank you to all of you who made cakes, and to Jan and Sam for their hard work on the refreshments front. (70 cups of tea and coffee were made during the afternoon). Thank you to the volunteers who helped with the organisation of the show, before, during and afterwards for the tidy up.
The award ceremony was introduced by our Chair: Sheila Puckett.

Trophies were awarded for the various categories and presented by our local MP.

The Frank Mercer Cup:       Highest Aggregate Sweet Peas:    Sheila Puckett
The Derek Florin Cup:         Best in Show Sweet Peas:             Alan Grierson
The George Jennings Cup: Highest Aggregate Roses:             Sam Iqbal
The Ron Brand Bowl:          Best in Show Roses:                      Sam Iqbal
The Amani Iqbal Award:      Best in Show:                                 Alan Grierson
The Alan Grierson Cup:       Best in Show Mixed Flowers:         Evan Theodorides
The Norman Francis Cup:   Highest Aggregate Potted Plants:  Sam Iqbal 
ART SHOW: The theme this year was “Wild World” organised by Bernard Puckett.
Art Show Critic’s choice:          Eve Patten
Public choice – Joint winners:  Jacqueline Bartle and Evelyn Craven.