Trading Hut

Latest news: we regret that, as a result of the war in Ukraine and gas price increases, the price of GROWMORE fertiliser has increased to £1.60p per kilo. This is still considerably less than most retailers will charge.

The trading hut will open and will open on Sunday 4th February 2024 and thereafter on both Saturdays and Sundays between 10am and 12pm until autumn.

Please note that Clover price has stayed at £7.50p.

NEW Addition: Jeyes fluid now available at the hut £5.70p for 300ml.

Premiere, Kestrel, Desiree and Charlotte, all £1.60 per kilo

Red Baron £2.00 per 450g bag

Stuttgarter Giant and Turbo, £1.50 for 450 gram bag.

Broad Beans:
Aguadulce £1.50 for 50 seeds as before

Kelvenden Wonder £1.50 for a 250g bag

Price REDUCTION: Slug Pellets are now £3.20 (was £3.25)

New product: Plastic Tie Wire at £2.50p per roll.

COMPOSTS and Growbags:
Clover Growbags (was Erin) are now available at £4.65
The stock of Humax is now totally exhausted and will not be replaced.
We are now also offering alternative cheaper Composts:

CLOVER 75L                                        £7.50 BAG
Peat Free Compost                       £7.50 BAG
John Innes seed compost also available in various flavours

Netting, fleece, fertilizers and feeds, tomato feed, slug pellets, growbags, weed- killers, strings, plant labels and other items also available at favourable prices.

Goods usually available in the Trading Hut are as follows:-
Ant PowderArbrex Grow Organic
Potato Bags for 25kgGrowbags, Erin Larger
Copper MixtureJ.I. Composts
Bug Killer (Black Fly, etc.)Multi-Purpose Compost
Canes (8', 6' etc.)Blood, Fish and Bone
Chicken Pellets (Organic)Labels
Compost ActivatorLawn Feed/Weed/Mosskiller
Croptec Birdscare LineBonemeal
Net PegsCalcified Seaweed (Organic)
Ericaceous CompostFungo Moss Killer
FleeceGarden Net
Garden Lime (White)Pathclear Weedkiller
Growmore GranulesPhostrogen
Horticultural Grit, etc.Py Powder
Lawn Food Autumn/WinterNutscene String
Lawn Food Spring/SummerSlug Pellets
Silver SandSequestrene Granules
Sulphate of AmmoniaWoodlice Killer
Sulphate of IronSulphate of Potash
SuperphosphatesNetting Hoops
Tomato FoodLawn Sand
Spray Weed KillerNitro Chalk
TwistiesPotato Fertiliser
WeedolRose Food
Plastic coated Tie WireJeyes Fluid 300ml