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2019 Christmas Lunch

Another very successful Christmas Lunch for the GPHS.

This year’s Christmas lunch had the largest attendance so far, including our oldest member, Don Grammar, aged 93

As usual the food was fantastic and during and after the lunch, there was live music with plenty of audience participation. The surprise was a Moroccan Dancer, who accompanied the live music. Everyone enjoyed her beautiful dancing and a few members were encouraged to join in.

The afternoon ended at 4 o’clock with many members not wanting to leave. Another very successful Christmas Lunch for the GPHS.

Seasons Greetings to all Members and a Happy and Healthy 2020.

GPHS Members who were WINNERS at other shows in 2016

The members below have received awards in other shows and competitions in 2016.


Derek Florin:

4 x 1sts, Carrots, Onions, Tomatoes and Potatoes

George Jennings:

1st for Cooking Apples, 2nd for Potatoes and 3rd for Dessert apples

Alan Grierson:

2 x 1sts for chrysanthemums and dahlias
1st for Jelly preserve
1st for Chutney


Peter Burling:

4 different awards

Ronald Hunter

Cup for Mead and various other awards

Iris Bailey

Various awards,  including one for cake.


Evelyn and Barry Craven:

Gold, for Best Innovative Growing space (Allotment)
Bronze, for Best Small Garden/Balcony

Mike Mote:

Silver, for Best Innovative Growing space (Allotment)

Jenny Mote:

Silver, for Best front garden with parking space.

2016 Annual Show Report

Another great Annual Show  celebrating 75 years of the Grange Park Horticultural Society with over 250 exhibits.

Awards were presented to the winners of the various classes by Deputy Mayor Christine Hamilton.

Following the awards, a raffle and auction raised funds for the Society. Thank you to members and guests who entered and visited the show.

There is also a video of the show and this can be accessed via the link