Russian Rustle-up Salad

This is ideal for using up mis-shaped carrots and potatoes and French or runner beans. It also keeps well for a few days in a fridge.

The proportions do not need to be accurate:

For however many people you want, ingredients:

One hard-boiled egg per person
One small to medium size potato per person (Charlotte are ideal)
Three French beans or equivalent prepared runners beans per person
A few small, pickled gherkins (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon of mayonnaise per potato, or more,  to your taste
Sprinkle of your favourite herbs.


Have a suitable bowl for the preferred quantity being made. Quarter the hard-boiled eggs and place in the bowl. Cook and cool the potatoes and dice into large chunks about 1”,  put in bowl.
Cook and cool the carrots and dice into small chunks about ½”,  put in bowl.
Prepare the beans and cook and cool  and chop into about 1” lengths, put in bowl. (Keep whole any runner bean seeds that have formed and put in).
Finely dice the gherkins and put in bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste, add the mayonnaise.
Gently stir all together and sprinkle herbs on the top.

Refrigerate before serving as a light lunch or accompaniment to cold cuts etc.