Trading Hut DRAFT

The Society Trading Hut on the allotment is closed for winter.


11th February to 25th February
11 – 12  o’clock
4th March – 2nd September
10  – 12   o’clock

5th February to 26th February
11 – 12  o’clock
5th March – 30th july
10 – 12  o’clock
6th August t 15th October
11 – 12  o’clock

Goods usually available in the Trading Hut are as follows:-

Ant PowderArbrex Grow Organic
Baby Bio Plant FoodGrowbags
Bordeaux MixtureJ.I. Composts
Bug Killer (Black Fly, etc.)Multi-Purpose Compost
Canes (8', 6' etc.)Blood, Fish and Bone
Chicken Pellets (Organic)Labels
Compost ActivatorLawn Feed/Weed/Mosskiller
Croptec Birdscare LineBonemeal
Dithane 945Calcified Seaweed (Organic)
Ericaceous CompostFungo Moss Killer
FleeceGarden Net
Garden Lime (White)Pathclear Weedkiller
Growmore GranulesPhostrogen
Horticultural Grit, etc.Py Powder
Lawn Food Autumn/WinterNutscene String
Lawn Food Spring/SummerSlug Pellets
Silver SandSequestrene Granules
Sulphate of AmmoniaWoodlice Killer
Sulphate of IronSulphate of Potash
SuperphosphatesBubble Wrap
TomoriteLawn Sand
TouchweederNitro Chalk
TwistiesPotato Fertiliser
WeedolRose Food
WireRainbow MRR 127

Seed Potatoes and Onion Sets are on sale in the Trading Hut from February onwards. Seeds, plants, etc. may also be ordered through the Society from catalogues available in the Autumn.